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I love reading romance books but a lot of the time the stories in them are either too wholesome and without any real heat or about aggressive men who do nothing for me. The amount of 18 year olds with a thing for more experienced lovers leaves me feeling cold. So I wrote the first book in my series for real moms- it's sexy, very hot and still sweet enough so you feel good reading it and even better thinking about them after the book's done. 
Those Last 10 Pounds is filled with Lust, love and a little Fun Fitness.

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When you only view women as sexual it allows for a whole spectrum of abuse to be easily swept aside.
Overly sexualizing breastfeeding  mothers discourages moms from even attempting extended breastfeeding. Longer breastfeeding is tied to all variety  of health benefits for mom and little one but when the outside world sexualizes and harasses breastfeeding mamas women are much less likely to continue to breastfeed. If we want lower healthcare bills, more productive members of our society (hey GDH is important too) then we have to all band together and support breastfeeding as a natural, wholesome and non sexual activity.

57 percent of Americans think women should not have a right to breastfeed in public. I deal with a lot of comments from all over because of my breastfeeding education on YouTube. The overriding factor with every piece of obscene commentary is that people feel deeply unsettled when they are forced to realize that women's bodies are not sexual simply because the viewer thinks they should be.

When we demand respect, including while we breastfeed it unsettles the deeply rooted belief that women are sinful because our very existence is sexual. My work as a feminist breastfeeding advocate has opened my eyes and heart a lot more about how other people think they can force their fears on our bodies. Part of stepping out from under the suffocating weight of other people objectifying you is releasing fear. You don't need to fear judgment from fools.

Why Breastfeeding Women Aren't Sexual Objects:
1. No one else is an object of sexual gratification unless THEY give you permission to view them that way.
2. Saying, commenting on or telling women that they are sexual, even while feeding their own child, is devaluing them on a fundamental level.
3. Breastfeeding is not a sexual act. Breasts are not sexual during every act. If you think breastfeeding is sexual you have probably never feed a child from your breasts.

Be mindful of how you react to breastfeeding moms and lend gentleness to your thoughts on women's bodies. The first step in not objectifying breastfeeding bodies is to not objectify ourselves on a daily basis. You can not always change peoples' minds but you can work on your own thoughts and feelings. Never be afraid to breastfeed, whenever and wherever.
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As a new mom I discovered that there aren’t a lot of simple breastfeeding guides. As my breastfeeding journey went on and I’m now breastfeeding a  3-year-old I could find nothing straightforward and readable for a busy mom.

You know what I did about it? I wrote my own guide that helps moms and their partners have a better, easier time breastfeeding.

Your nipple don’t have to crack and be painful

You partner doesn’t have to feel separate while you are breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be fun

You don’t have to stay inside the whole time you’re nursing and stop being you

Milkosaurus can help guide you to happy breastfeeding

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September was  such a busy month for me. My breastfeeding guide, Milkosaurus, was released and my newest romance novella went on pre-order. My son and I spent September looking at preschools and boy are waiting lists long. I’m not sure what preschool we’ll wind up with but I know four hours a week will give him an exciting adventure without too much time away from home. It is so nerve racking finding a good environment that doesn’t break the bank. Often the school will look great but have too long of days or not be a good fit. October we find out which school he’ll go to and I am both excited to have a few a hours a week to myself and scared of if he will enjoy himself.  

This last month has been a big reminder to have gratitude for my life and everyone in it. My main YouTube channel really took off with an extra 6 million more views than I’d normally be getting a month. Woah, and amazing. I so love my YouTube community and finding which videos and vlogs connect the best. September was a total blast for making fun videos and sketching out what vlogs I want to shoot this fall. The downside of having a viral video this month has been the increase in really rude comments.

Before I started vlogging I would have never believed a motherhood channel could get such nasty comments and often from men. I had to take a bit of time off moderating the channel because it was just disheartening. October is going to be about coming back to the channels with renewed energy and focus. 

We traveled to Boston last month to see an old friend and it is the first time I’ve been to that city. What a great trip and fun way to see fall colors in New England. Seeing the leafs turn in New England has long been on my bucket list and it was thrilling and relaxing to get to see all the beauty of our big little country. Keep an eye out for fun fall tips as the weather gets cold here and the rainy days increase. 

Thank you so much for following along on my blog. I love seeing how many of you enjoy this site.

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Being a woman is difficult. Being a good person is super hard. Knowing yourself enough to be truthful to your own heart can be an impossible feeling.

What is the truth that guides you? When you think about being honestly and wholly yourself what is the big truth that you want to live up to?
Kindness is one of the biggest truths I find my heart always coming back to focus upon when being honestly myself. Kindness is about more than being nice. We have all met 'nice' people who really aren't very good at being kind.

Adding kindness to your life is one of the big steps to a vivid and joyous life Be your own best version of kind, everyday.

3 steps to being kind
1. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
2. Be kind to those when it is the hardest for you.
3. Practice kindness to yourself.

A second big truth in my life is not being disingenuous by faking interest or not being honest in my words. Life is too short to put up with all the bull-poopery. I have stopped excepting the nonsense of bad advice, false help and disingenuous niceness.
I use my words kindly but with meaning. If I think something is a bad idea I will now say so and be dishonestly polite. 
What is your second big truth to being yourself?
You can't be happy unless you're being honest with yourself.

1. Tell people to shut the fluff up when you do not want to hear nonsense.
2. Don't spend time with people just to be 'nice'.
3. Give your opinion freely but always with kindness.
4. Learn to shut up and not try for the last word.

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<![CDATA[The angel presence before birth {do babies visit you before birth?}]]>Wed, 20 Sep 2017 17:00:00 GMThttp://icitizenmag.com/articles/the-angel-presence-before-birth-do-babies-visit-you-before-birth
Motherhood has brought me so much closer to God. Not only because I see God's fathomless and generous love reflected in my son's eyes but because I, personally, feel so much closer to the Divine Mother, the Ultimate Father. This is an article I kept having a hard time writing out. I continually stumbled trying to figure out how to draw out the correct letters that would explain feeling the soul of your child visit and love you before they are even born.

I was still in my first trimester when I woke in the morning to the most profound calmness and radiating love I have ever known in person. For lack of better language, I felt this calm and wonderful being in my room with me.

It was a being, an essence, not the same feeling as a person. But still powerful and able to fill the room with energy. This presence filled my heart with warmth and assured my worried mind that all was just as it had to be: beautiful.

As I grew within my mother, a mother who often told me she wished she had gotten rid of me, the story goes that she dreamed of angels of pure light coming to her and blessing me. My mother was not one to make these stories up and the power of dreams continue to surpass my imagination. Do you believe in souls? I do and yet was completely unprepared for the wonder of feeling my unborn baby's ancient and immortal soul presence.
I have become a big believer in the hard to define; the realm of feeling true and real and yet being beyond our words. Do you think that your children's souls visit you before they come into this world? I do. I think these timeless and wondrous beings check in on their future moms and stay near us as their births approach. It is a great reminder to allow oursleves more stillness and love as we prepare to greet our babies. The angel presence before birth is a powerful reminder that there is more depth in this world than we often give it credit for.

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Whatcom County for Toddlers {Fall fun and Mom's sanity savers} 

Whatcom county has so much on offer for a busy toddler who wants to be entertained. My son and I love getting out of the house and discovering something new each week. Keep in mind as it gets colder that you'll want to bring a few layers to toss in the stroller. I like to check the weather for the week and decide what days are going to be indoor fun play and which are better for outdoor adventure time. 
There's almost no weather that is bad for letting toddlers burn off energy. As long as I time our outdoor adventures for when he's perky and not overly tired we have a lot of fun. 

We love Corn mazes. It gives my son a chance to be brave and walk ahead of me and gives me a chance to sip on some coffee or the bottom of the water bottle. Lynden and Bellingham both offer some great mazes and a chance to get out and enjoy a sunny fall day. Bellewood is a fan favorite and lets you also pick apples. You can bring some peanut butter to slather on the freshly picked apples and snack while little ones play on the lawn.

Apple picking! Woot, who here loves to pick fruit, I do. I've found Lynden and Ferndale to offer the best, easy for little ones apple picking. I have some fun vlogs from our fall on the rose kelly channel on youtube.
Pick extra and freeze the apple sauce you and the littles make. It's great fun to thaw homemade apple sauce all winter long. You can eat the sauce for breakfast with yogurt or you can bake apple sauce muffins all fall.
Have fun in a huge tub of corn or pet a bunch of bunnies at Dan Cramer's Western Town and awesome pumpkin farms in Lynden. My son had a blast, even though it was super cold that day. Don't feel like you have to pay for all the extras at a lot of these places, just a couple fun actives can keep any toddler entertained.

Get out and enjoy everything this area has to offer. You will never regret the memories and great times had by all when you venture out and have a fun family day out in the fresh air as fall brings out our playful sides.

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September is here and I can feel fall pulling up along side us. I am not sure I am fully ready for summer to be over as I feel like this fall is a big marker with my son turning into a little boy and it’s making me a bit teary eyed. 
We had a glorious summer and I feel grateful that I took the time to step back on some days from work to spend high quality, long days with my little sweet-pea. There are moments in this whole motherhood thing that I feel as though my heart may burst with overflowing joy. This month my book for breastfeeding moms comes out and it is making me so happy. I love, absolutely love, helping women be happy. There is not a lot in society helping women and moms be happy for happiness’s shake; while on here and on my writer Patreon I get to do just that. Thank you to everyone who supports by reading my writing. 

This September I’m editing a romance novella, working on some new YouTube videos and traveling to Boston to see a very dear (deer, hee) friend. I’m ready to soak up the last warm days, eat a few too many more blackberries and really get into the swing of our fall homeschool preschool for my little guy. 
If you’re interested in an advanced reader’s copy of my romance novella let me know in the comments. 

September is Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur so we have big and beautiful holidays to celebrate this month. I take the Jewish new year to reinvest in our little family’s direction and to still my mind to hear what I should really be focusing on. I am in no way a huge religious person, in fact I’m far too liberal for most Jewish groups but I do find great comfort and warmth in my faith. 
What is filling up your gratitude cup this September? 

<![CDATA[Why You Should Breastfeed Longer]]>Mon, 21 Aug 2017 17:30:00 GMThttp://icitizenmag.com/articles/why-you-should-breastfeed-longerIf you are looking for inspiration on Why You Should Breastfeed Longer and are thinking about full term breastfeeding here are my suggestions as I feed my 2.5 year old at nap time. Pre-Order my new Breastfeeding Guide Milkosaurus.